Who We look for

forefront of almost every
branch of science

We are selective about the applicants we take on board, but thrive on the diversity of intellect, expertise and insight from all science-related disciplines - be that neuroscience, physics, medicine or AI.

Altogether we are 1000's of postgraduates (masters and PhDs), academics and alumni, who are affiliated with select institutions. We want motivated self starters, independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to apply their minds.


Hyper-flexible virtual working

Insight about science & innovation for real world business challenges

You’re in control. In this digital age of virtual work, our platform makes it easy to fit paid consulting work around life’s other commitments in a hyper-flexible way. Accept or decline work as you wish – then choose when, where and how much intellect, creativity and subject-matter knowledge to freelance.

Hone your consulting and analytical skills. Our members have taken their experience of tackling real-world business challenges to Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Google DeepMind, Frost & Sullivan, McKinsey, MIT, Nature Publishing, Rolls Royce, PWC and many others.

three reasons to join
Being an Associate gave me the invaluable opportunity to boost my CV and confidence, while working on the topics I’m most passionate about. 
Claudia Schulz

PhD student in Artificial Intelligence, Imperial College London

I always loved to learn about new technologies and to understand how they are going to shape the future. With Outsmart, I can get paid to do it. For me that's a great deal. 
Gianmaria Bullegas

PhD student in Composite materials, Imperial College London

A brilliant opportunity to apply my knowledge of science to help solve commercial problems, and in the process I learned so much about what’s going on in adjacent fields. 
Carina Almeida

PhD student in Materials Science, Imperial College London

Being able to explore the frontiers of new technology and collaborate with other talented researchers makes the work highly rewarding. 
Jamie Thompson

Research Associate at NASA Ames Research Centre

Breaking the project into work packages meant I could easily fit it around my PhD research and provided a welcome change of scenery. Presenting to clients also allowed me to meet some really interesting people. 
Alex Williams

PhD student in Organic Synthesis and Catalysis, Imperial College London

For me the best thing about working as an Associate is the opportunity to share and engage on a topic I am passionate about whilst also having the flexibility to manage my own work load. 
Liza Dahal

PhD student in Biophysical Chemistry, University of Cambridge

Associates offers the perfect medium for transitioning from highly academic student to young working professional; taking on the responsibility of applying your subject matter knowledge to tackle client challenges. 
Seth Odoom

Venture Consultant and Formerly MRes Medical Device Design