Helping to propel Team GB’s athletes in Tokyo

Too hot to handle? The English Institute of Sport, the scientific team behind Team GB, asked Outsmart Insight to help them gain a broad view of emerging cooling technologies...

... that could maintain a competitive advantage for UK athletes in the Tokyo Olympic games.

To do this, a team of 35 Associates identified over 2000+ signals across 4 key themes in human and equipment cooling strategies which may help counteract the hot and humid conditions in Toyko. The domain expertise of the team helped to isolate the most relevant and noteworthy advances from the noise, and shortlist the top 20 to include in the magazine. The top innovations were further researched by the team to present technical summaries, pros, cons and recommendations to Team GB.

With this research, the team at EIS could feel confident that they had covered potential blind spots from adjacent industries, leaving them less vulnerable to surprise by other national teams. Who knows, perhaps Team GB got a few more gold medals from using these cooling technologies too!