We present a vivid picture of the technological horizon

Kieran Holmes-Martin
Kieran Holmes-Martin

In a world where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead of the curve is no easy feat. As an associate with Outsmart Insight, we don’t just navigate the tech landscape: we crunch the numbers, analyse the data, and present a vivid picture of the technological horizon to commercial clients. I’m here to share my experience of working for Outsmart Insight, and to demonstrate the opportunities available for newer Associates. 

I’m Kieran Holmes-Martin, currently a PhD candidate at the University of Bristol specialising in flexible electronics for biophysical healthcare monitoring. In September 2022, I joined Outsmart Insight to broaden my experience beyond academia. In a little over a year I have actively engaged in multiple and diverse projects. These include recruiting tech experts, identifying recent innovations for a FTSE100 engineering company, and leading a team that completed a literature review on intelligent and morphing materials.

Working with Outsmart Insight offers a unique advantage: the flexibility to choose projects that align with your availability. Whether you have just an hour or two to spare or are open to taking on team leader roles that span several tens of hours, there is a project to suit your schedule.

The first project I joined required less than 5 hours of my time. This task involved conducting a tech expert search, allowing me to not only acquire new skills but also delve into rapidly evolving scientific research fields. Through this project, I developed the ability to identify and interview experts in a specific field and write expert profiles outlining their credentials, all while expanding my professional network.

Building on this initial engagement, I took on the role of a team lead for a comprehensive literature review on intelligent and morphing materials. While this leadership position demanded a greater time commitment, the substantial increase in payout fees provided a significant financial boost that enabled me to fund a holiday to Morocco (somewhat challenging with PhD funding). My responsibilities extended to creating a thorough taxonomy of the field, leading meetings with fellow Associates, and reviewing their output. Overall, this project provided scientific interest, professional growth and financial benefit - all benefits of working with Outsmart Insight. 

Now in my final year of my PhD, I’ve adjusted my work hours to align with my academic commitments, allowing me to maintain a valuable source of financial income on my own terms. For Associates who have recently joined, my advice is to dive into any available projects. Don’t hesitate to reach out for additional information and demonstrate the quality of your work. There are training tasks available for new-comers, providing a pathway to more substantial and rewarding assignments. Proactively engaging with the wide range of opportunities at Outsmart Insight not only enhances your skill set (and CV) but also opens doors to more impactful and fulfilling projects.