Profiling world-leading industry experts

Chiara Di Vece
Chiara Di Vece

Embarking on the Tech Expert projects was a game-changer for me. I began by completing an easy-to-understand training task, ensuring I grasped the basics before venturing into the projects. What made it appealing was the straightforward nature of the instructions and the ease with which I could navigate through the tasks. Completing the training was both an educational experience and a paid one, setting the stage for what turned out to be a rewarding adventure.

I participated in multiple projects for university clients looking for deep tech experts to review a research proposal to inform funding decisions. Here, I choose from wide-ranging topics to identify and profile world-leading industry experts in, anything from skin cancer detection via imaging to liquefied hydrogen production, death zone oxygen delivery, and wireless ECGs for infants. I also identified Experts to attend workshops to build technology roadmaps for next-gen AI deployment in aircraft, covering niche topics like ‘AI in the Software Development Workflow’ and ‘Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software’. 

I enjoy these projects because you can have an impact using science and engineering knowledge while learning about cutting-edge research. I discovered the joy of exploring various technologies outside of my immediate field. The diversity of tasks kept things exciting and allowed me to broaden my skill set. 

The first Expert Search project I joined was a learning curve. Navigating the platform, understanding project nuances, and adapting to diverse topics can initially seem overwhelming. However, with each task, the learning curve smoothed out. Over time, I became more adept at interpreting project requirements and providing valuable insights. 

Compensation is a rewarding aspect of Tech Expert projects since you get paid quite substantially for just a few days of work; this is financially satisfying and recognizes the expertise I brought to the table. 

My journey with Tech Expert projects has been both enriching and financially rewarding. Combining engaging tasks, cutting-edge technologies, and fair compensation makes it an enticing opportunity for anyone eager to make a mark in the tech industry and make meaningful contributions to the forefront of technological innovation. I’d be happy to say to my fellow PhD colleagues to Join the Associate community and unlock a world of possibilities!