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I'm a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Bristol, specialising in aircraft structures and aeroelasticity, creating flexible aircraft designs which reduce the industry's environmental footprint.

I'm an alum of the Aeronautics Department at Imperial College, where I focussed on improving the mechanical performance of polymers by reinforcing them with cellulose nanofibres.

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher working in Virology at Bristol where my work mostly involves researching aspects of SARS-COV2 - especially interested in RNA sequencing, neuroplasticity and post translational modifications.

I'm an alum of UCL; currently working on programmes related to the implementation of autonomy features onto ground platforms with focus on advanced perception architectures.

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I'm an Earth Science Research Fellow at Cambridge, with experience in analytical geochemistry and geological modelling; interested in the geoscience challenges of the coming decades.

I am a PhD Researcher at the University of Manchester in collaboration with AstraZeneca, where I am developing new methods for modelling enzymes and designing machine learning force fields for biomolecular simulations.

I am a Research Associate at the Department of Materials at Imperial, working on proton oxide conductors, with a background in fuel cells.

I'm a PhD Researcher in Computer Science at the University College London, working on artificial intelligence applied to fetal ultrasound.

I'm an alum of University of Bristol where I focussed on quantum communication and networking, investigating integration methods of quantum systems in optical networks.

I am a PhD Scientist at Imperial College London. My research is in high energy physics, working on the LHCb experiment at CERN.

I am a PhD Scientist in Air Quality (Civil and Environmental Engineering) at Imperial College London, evaluating the chemical composition of pollution from wildfires.

I'm an Alum of Imperial College London; currently working on disrupting high speed suborbital transportation with hypersonic autonomous aircraft.

PhD Researcher at the University of Cambridge, working on the synthesis and photophysical characterization of new organic materials for next-generation solar energy technologies.

I am a PhD Scientist at Imperial College London working on gaining mechanistic understanding of a copper-catalysed cross-coupling reaction to form carbon-nitrogen bonds.

I'm a PhD Researcher at the Aerosol Science CDT based in Bristol where I'm working on building a machine to obtain data about the timescales of phase formation in aerosol droplets.

I am a PhD Researcher in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Imperial College London where I focus on the environmental evaluation of novel technologies and waste utilisation to develop cementitious materials.

I have just finished my PhD on stem cell biology and computation where I identified stem cells originating from the fetus which can be used for disease modelling and therapeutics testing for babies prior to birth through organoids generation.

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