Transforming software development

With the pace of software innovation, it’s hard to keep up. That was the challenge facing the FCAS Consortium, as they sought to bring a fundamental and rapid transformation...

...of software development across the defence sector. They partnered with Outsmart Insight to leverage expertise from outside of defence to inform roadmaps for the development of next-gen enterprise software and challenge the mindset in defence with views from adjacent industries.

A team of 60 Associates specialising in computer science, AI and similar domains were brought together for this project. First, senior technical professionals and thought leaders in specialist software engineering domains were sought out by the team. These Experts attended a series of workshops organised by the Consortium to build technology roadmaps that would become springboards for new research frameworks, future capabilities, steering committees and recruitment plans.

Next, the team identified over 230 case studies of similar software applications in adjacent industries, providing opportunities for FCAS to establish partnerships and collaborations. One Associate took the lead to interview 12 of these leading players and gain primary insights on different approaches, challenges and solutions for rapid, next-generation software deployment. Off the back of this report, a conference is being organised with the contributors to further cross-industry collaboration and sharing of best practice.