Our Approach

Where deep science meets business

There are no shortcuts

We believe that making sense of today’s complex emerging technology landscape demands extensive quantitative and qualitative data, meticulously gathered and analysed by experts in the field. 

Expertise spanning all frontiers

That’s why we don’t rely on market research generalists. Instead, we bring together insights from thousands of scientists directly – pioneers in world-leading labs who are themselves developing next-generation technologies.

Crowdsourcing smart minds

We achieve this using leading-edge crowdsourcing methodologies whereby the atomisation of knowledge-work enables many smart minds to contribute their knowledge, skills and expertise to your challenge.

Want to meet our Associates?

PhD and postdoc researchers in world-class universities; scientists and engineers in leading research institutions, and technology pioneers in pre-eminent deep tech labs.

One platform with the collective intelligence of all the world's scientists and technology pioneers.