Making sense of complex landscapes from many points of view

For clients, combining our brainpower means we can cast a wide net to gather research and perform analysis more intelligently and creatively than ever before – and do this with blistering speed. Our work focuses on mapping the latest cutting-edge research from labs around the world, tracking breakthrough technology trends in real-time and forecasting future innovation.

What we stand for

Rigour and ingenuity

Our clients recognise that what sets us apart is the quality of our work. This reputation is built on the highest standards of scientific enquiry and the capability to critically analyse information in emerging technology areas. Be prepared to put your intelligence, rigour and ingenuity to the test.

Independent thinking

The bedrock of this network is motivated self starters who aren’t afraid to go beyond the brief. We favour independent thinking over received wisdom and only work with experts who can formulate their own opinion, whether working individually or as part of multidisciplinary teams.

Fair play, teamwork

The quality of our work is nothing more than the sum of our contributed parts. That’s why every place on a project team matters -- we are all partners in getting work done for our clients. There is no boss, no hierarchy and no bureaucracy. As long as you play fair in teams you will thrive.


industries we work in

The pace of technology innovation continues to accelerate and is profoundly diversifying, which is why it is more important than ever before for companies to know about what is going on at the forefront of science-driven innovation.

We work with Venture Capital firms and corporate R&D industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to defence and from mobile telecommunications to consumer electronics.



Project Type: Mapping

Our market research and technology intelligence client required a detailed assessment of the impact of graphene and carbon nanotubes on next generation battery technologies.

This brief called for a highly specialised team of scientists with deep technical understanding spanning both battery technologies and carbonaceous nanomaterials. By researching and analysing highly-cited peer reviewed journals, the team provided deep technical specifications that not only benchmarked performance gains that

have been achieved over time, but also added vital context relating to manufacturing processes, impurities, percentage loading and lifecycles.

The challenge for this team was gathering insight from hard to reach places. That’s why each team member was able to determine for themselves their own workload, from 2 and 10 hours. By contributing as much - or as little - as each expert chooses, we can do far more by working together as a crowd than as individuals.

 was able to decide how much to contribute for each project depending on the workload of my PhD. 
Silvia Vinyes-Mora

EPSRC fellow, PhD student, Imperial College London


Project Type: Forecasting

Our client, a venture capital firm with the largest early-stage investment fund in the UK, wanted to map the UK University research landscape for chemical catalysts and identify potential investment opportunities.

A team of 6 highly specialised subject matter experts, PhD Chemists, worked together and competed against each other to identify and evaluate the best potential investment opportunities for early-stage and pre-commercialisation technologies in the area chemical catalysts.

Promising candidates were qualified against a scoring matrix to help pinpoint which UK research groups stood as the most attractive commercial prospects.

For this team of subject matter experts, their involvement saw their best contributions rising to the top, with each project milestone adding another layer of detail until the bigger picture was revealed. The team gained first hand business analysis skills and the direct application of their discipline knowledge to a commercial challenge.

 You get to interact and learn from many other specialists within project teams, whilst having flexibility on when and where you can work. You get paid well to do so too. 
Jameel Marafie

PhD at the Centre for Plastic Electronics, Imperial College London


Project Type: Tracking

Our defence-sector client wanted an impartial outside-in view about latest cutting edge research and how this is changing the global technology landscape, in real-time and on an ongoing basis.

A multidisciplinary team of PhDs and postdocs (experts in advanced materials, AI and algorithms, energy, sensing, robotics and autonomous systems, data and security) came together to scan and monitor the global horizon for breakthrough technologies arising from university labs, startups and corporate R&D around the world. Noteworthy

events were analysed, summarised and tagged, then published in quarterly magazines and discussed at workshops.

Subject matter experts forming this team each contributed 4 hours per month, fitting small work packages flexibly around existing commitments. In addition to fees, they gained first sight of what successful startups are up to in areas relating to their fields of research and gained insight into areas where the emerging technology scene is moving forward at blistering speeds.

 I have collaborated with bright people from various backgrounds.
Each of us brings something unique; and putting it all together, we make a great team! 
Kyriacos Nikiforou

PhD Computational Neurodynamics Group, Imperial College London