Who we are

Associates are members of a platform that brings together the brightest young minds
from the forefront of almost every branch of science. We’ve empowered
thousands of postgraduate and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers
and alumni from some of the top universities in the world to connect their
specialist expertise with industry.

The way we’ve done this is by creating a new kind of organisation – a bottom-up network that solves problems by distributing work between many (sometimes hundreds) of people all working
in parallel.

We value rigour and ingenuity, favour independent thinking over received wisdom and realise that, when power and responsibility are shared, we are
far more effective working together than as

There are no bosses, no hierarchy and no bureaucracy.
Kristina Kareh

Associate Editor, Nature and Formerly PhD student Materials Science and Engineering, Imperial College

Our Mission

A social enterprise
mission stands at our core

Being a part of The Smarties is not only about gaining new skills, but also getting hands-on commercial experience and belonging to a lifelong network that can boost careers. Our alumni have taken their experience to Bain, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Google DeepMind, Frost & Sullivan, McKinsey, MIT, Nature Communications, Rolls Royce, PWC and many other.

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